Yes! You can now hire people via Renting Global!


Renting Global is a site where people meet to rent, borrow, lend, sell, buy and barter different kinds of items. Well, we differ from other renting sites in various ways. One of them - you can hire people via our website! Therefore, you can rent not only products, but also services using Renting Global. For example, if you need a photographer or caterer for your wedding or any other event, you can post and add here that you are looking for a photographer in a particular location and vice versa. If you are a photographer, you can post an add that you are offering your services. 

Why use Renting Global for hiring a person or offering your services?

It is, actually, very straightforward. Posting an add that you are looking for an item or service is easyand it doesn’t cost you anything. Furthermore, here you will be able to find people offering their services in any location, so you can post the location that is most convenient for you. Adds are, usually, more appealing. For instance, if you google that you need a caterer, there will be large amounts of companies or private caterers and majority will appear as websites. Ads offer you more information or even pictures without even having to click on them, therefore are more appealing in terms of layout.

If you, as a service provider, post an add here that you are available for a job, then you have the opportunity to access more people e.g. those who use renting sites regularly. Finally, even if you have your own website, you might have a competition, so many more websites that people recognise more than yours. Renting Global could be your opportunity to access more people that you otherwise couldn’t.