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Terms of Use
Thank you for visiting is a worldwide renting dashboard. In using the pages of, you accept the Terms of Use. If you don’t accept Terms of Use, you must not use the site

  1. Definitions
  2. The following Terms of Use (called hereafter “Terms of Use”) describe the terms and conditions of use for the site (called “site”). All users acknowledge being informed of and accepting all the clauses.

    By “Site” we refer to, including any subdomains, and any replacement or successor URL, or portions thereof, (hereinafter referred to as “Site” or “Rentingglobal”).

    By User, we refer to all individuals or entities that access the site, whether the user is a member or not.

    By Member we refer to all individuals or entities who are registered on the site in order to use its services.

    By Member Account we refer to the private area reserved for each Member. It is accessible with a password or social account authentication and contains personal details regarding the member.

    By Social Account Authentication, we refer to Facebook or Google secure authentication.

    By Lender (or Owner), we refer to each member who posts at least one item, using the Rentingglobal website.

    By Borrower (or Renter), we refer to each member who rents an item on the site

    By Rental Agreement we refer to the agreement made between the owner and the renter, on the one hand obligating transfer of enjoyment of the item for a given time, and on the other the obligation to pay a predetermined amount as defined by the contract.

    By Rent we refer to the payment made by the Renter to the Owner in order to enjoy usage of the item.

    By Rental offer, we refer to the information published by the owner presenting an item for rent.

    By Reservation, we refer to the request made by a renter on a certain rental offer.

    By Rental Confirmation, we refer to the online or verbal acceptance by the owner of a reservation request made by a renter, creating thus a contract between the owner and renter in their region.

  3. Website Description
  4. Rentingglobal does not itself offer any rental services. The site is designed for the unique purpose of putting people who want to rent things in touch with people who have things to rent. We never intervene in the transaction between the renter and the owner. Rentingglobal cannot thus be considered part of the rental agreement between members of the site.

    Rentingglobal exercises no control over the quality, safety or legality of Items listed, or over the truthfulness or accuracy of the Listings, or over the ability of Owners to rent the Items listed or over the ability of Renters to rent or pay for the rental of any Items. We do not guarantee that the Parties will complete any or all terms of the transaction.

    Any security deposits or guarantees required by the Owner in whatever form, remains the sole responsibility of the Renter and Owner. Rentingglobal is not responsible for the collection, retention, or refunding of any security deposit, for the control of the exact identity of the Owner and the Renter, or for collecting money owed by the Renter to the Owner or by the Owner to the Renter.

    The site contains an area open to the public and a private area reserved for members.

    The public area allows access to rental offers from members registered on the site.

    The private area is the part of the site that is accessible after user authentication. You can access and modify your personal information (referred to hereafter as “Member Account”), publish rental offers, make reservation requests, add comments and feedback and manage your rental offers.

  5. Conditions of Registration and Membership Status
  6. Our services are reserved for lawful persons capable of making legal contracts. Our services are not available to minors. If you do not meet these conditions, you cannot use our services. We reserve the right to close member accounts without notice for commercial reasons or motives including but not restricted to:

    • Violation of a stipulation in the Terms of Use, or other Conditions or regulations on Rentingglobal (such as Privacy Policy and Pricing Policy)
    • Inability to verify or authenticate the origin of a rental offer
    • False personal information
    • Diffusion of illegal content (notably pornography, libel, copyrighted images, discriminatory content, incitement of violence and racial, religious or ethnic hatred)
    • Breaches in moral standards
    • Use, copying or diffusion of copyright protected works without express authorization
    • Abusive or fraudulent use of collaboration tools (spam of comments, spam of clicks etc)

    This closing of a member account can give rise to no damage claims against Rentingglobal, no matter what consequences arrive from this closing of the account. The Member Account is personal and non-transferrable to a third party.

    The temporary or permanent suspension of a Member Account blocks that member from all use of Rentingglobal services.

    The status of Member allows you to access, using a password, the private area of the site.

    The Member agrees to keep their password they chose for using their Member Account confidential. The password is personal and cannot be shared or transferred to another physical or moral person.

    The Member recognizes and accepts being the only person responsible for all usage of their password. They accept being presumed responsible, to a conclusive degree, for all consequences and obligations generated by usage of their password by a third party.

    The Member equally recognizes and accepts that the site can consider usage of their Member Account, username or password or Social Account Authentication as proof of their usage of the site. All usage of the site by way of the password is reputed as being carried out by the Member.

    The Member Account as well as profile evaluations and comments are personal. It is forbidden to transfer or give over to someone other than the Member.

    Registration obligates providing an email address that will be used to communicate between the member and the website, and will act as the sole identifier for the Member Account.

    All email sent by the website to this member is understood as having been received by the Member, who takes full knowledge thereof.

    Finally, in order to maximize usage of the geolocalization tool, a physical address is might be required by RentingGlobal upon registration to the private member area and the putting online of a rental offer by an owner.

  7. Fees and Commissions
  8. Access, registration and usage of the website is free.

    Reningglobal reserves the right to modify at any time regulations concerning online listing fees and other fees for our services. These modifications will take effect once they are posted online and will apply to all transactions that follow. In the case of temporary modifications, the length of the modification will be clearly indicated on the website.

  9. Taxes
  10. With the exclusion of Rentingglobal, who is not party to the rental of goods, users and members of the website are solely beholden for all taxes and commissions resulting from use of our services and our internet website. Rentingglobal thus disengages from all responsibility for taxes on transactions effectuated on or via our website.

    That you are a moral (society) or physical (individual) person, or that you owner or renter, tax can be applied to your transactions. In relation to the frequency of your transactions, taxes can be applicable to your transactions. Other taxes, such as professional taxes or social taxes may also apply. Members of the website recognize and expressly accept that these taxes and charges can apply to their situation, in conformity with applicable government legislation.

    Members are responsible for informing themselves via a third party on financial matters to do with these transactions, to make sure their actions respects legislation in this domain.

    1. The Role of Rentingglobal
    2. Rentinglobal is not a rental company. Rentingglobal is an electronic platform which is a tool available to user with the aim of putting owners and renters of goods into contact. We exercise no control over the quality, safety or lawfulness of items listed in our database, the truthfulness or precision of the online listings, the ability of owners to rent the goods listed nor the ability of owners to pay for the rental of these goods. We cannot guarantee that the rental parties will effectively complete their transactions. All security deposits or guarantees required by the owner in whatever form, remains the responsibility of the owner. Rentingglobal takes no responsibility for any form of security or guarantee deposit.

    3. Reliability of Transactions and Member Safety
    4. Rentingglobal cannot confirm the identity of each member. Rentingglobal makes available to members and users a system called “Ratings” which allows them to evaluate the person or listing with whom they are doing or have done a transaction. The renters and/or owners can post their feedback online about members with whom they have made agreements. A positive evaluation may be a prerequisite for rental of their goods with some owners. The evaluation will also apply to the owner, and renters can evaluate an owner after a transaction known as a “rental”.

      The item rented can equally be evaluated after the transaction.

    5. Non-Responsability Clause
    6. Since Rentingglobal does not intervene in transactions between the owner and the renter, members of the website release Rentingglobal and it owners from all responsibility in case of litigation arising between members, complaints, and all present or future damages, presumed or not, certified or not, resulting in a direct or indirect manner from usage of Rentingglobal services.

    7. Moderating
    8. A member who puts an item up for rent is responsible for the content they upload in relation to the law and to the present Terms of Use. The Rentingglobal team does not carry out systematic editing of content that is uploaded by its members.

      Exercising the right to withdraw content listings that are under dispute does not at all affect the validity, pertinence, and conformity to the law or the quality of the listings, rental offers or comments that remain online.

      The member or user is made aware that each new addition, either of a rental offer or an evaluator comment, may be deleted by Reningglobal if it does not respect the legal regulations notably those found in the present Terms of Use. Members or users of the site can contact the Rentingglobal for any claims relating to a comment or the content of a comment or a rental offer through the email “”. Rentingglobal reserves the right to choose to accept or refuse member proposals for the creation of a new category.

    9. Limitations to Responsibility
    10. The website provides information, recommendations, and comments that may be inexact, outdated and/or incomplete: Rentingglobal declines any responsibility regarding the contents which it cannot exhaustively verify for truth or authenticity. The website is not at all responsible for the real or supposed qualities of the products and services which are offered by its members.

      Rentingglobal gives no guarantee relative to the materials or functioning of software used either on hosting sites, servers or all Internet access and is in no way responsible for financial loss, be it alleged, real or otherwise, resulting from use of the website.

      The directors, administrators, employees, owners, intermediaries and representatives of Rentingglobal are not held responsible for any direct, accessory, indirect or immaterial damages resulting from use of the website, even if the aforementioned parties have been informed of the possibility of such damages occurring.

      Rentingglobal makes no guarantee, explicit or tacit, concerning the site, the rental offers or anything they contain, including guarantees of merchandise quality, aptitude for a particular use, and non-violation of copyright, brands or other intellectual property rights, nor that the service, action or any materials of the site be free of viruses, Trojan horses or other hostile, disruptive or destructive code.

      Without impacting on the specifications in the preceding paragraph, Rentingglobal cannot be held responsible for any loss or alteration of data, of any loss of profit, business income, time, opportunity or all other indirect damage, if this loss or damage is a result of negligence or any other cause.

      If the member or user is a consumer, rights that are accorded to consumers by law are not put into question by the present clause.

  11. Rental Listings, Rental Offers, Reservations and Rental Agreements
    1. Description of the Rental Listings or Rental Offers
    2. Rental listings or rental offers describe items, products or goods that are offered for rent. They can only include texts and images that the members decide to upload. All the items, products and goods put up for rent must be in the appropriate category and the owner is solely responsible for choosing the category in which they will place the rental offer. An owner offering a rental listing in a given category cannot ever be interpreted as a guarantee on the part of Rentingglobal as to the authenticity or origin of the item offered.

      Extra payments related to the rental of a product, such as delivery, maintenance or other assistance as linked to a particular rental, must be clearly indicated in the “description” field of the listing.

      The owner always offers for rent a good that the renter can physically claim in a given location, either the owners address or the rental location.

      It is important that any specific conditions surrounding rental of the item, that are not covered in the agreement or contract, security deposit or availability information , be mentioned somewhere in the product description.

    3. Completion of a Rental Agreement
    4. The owner is free to choose with whom they would like to conclude a rental agreement.

    5. Fraudulent Acts
    6. Without excluding other paths of recourse, we can suspend or close your Member Account if it turns out (after a condemnation, transaction or investigation by the police, an insurance company or a third party, notably one that is in escrow) that you have engaged in fraudulent activities in relation to our website.

    7. Content of Rental Offers
    8. Users and members agree to not ask for financial remuneration for use of the content that is disseminated on Rentingglobal.

      Members agree not to offer goods for rent that:

      • are misleading, obscene, pornographic, related to prostitution or procurement
      • would allow for solicitation of others, with an aim towards sexual relations in exchange for remuneration or the promise of remuneration
      • would consist of soliciting, obtaining or accepting sexual relations with a minor
      • incite towards hate, violence, racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, sexual/religious/racial or other discrimination
      • of an injurious of defamatory nature
      • are an attack on the public image, private life, honour, reputation or representation of others or of human dignity
      • are stolen
      • are an attack on the rights of a third party, notably literary and artistic rights, or of industrial property, that constitute an offer of professional secrets, third party private correspondence, or rights to information on persons resulting from files or electronic databases
      • are for the purpose of provoking a minor into using, holding, offering or transporting drugs, consuming alcohol, begging, committing a crime or making sexual propositions.
      • consist of a pornographic image of a minor
      • are the product of a crime
      • encourage murder, violence, public disorder or crimes against humanity
      • having to do with important and sensitive national interests, national institutions, territorial safety and/or national defence
      • constitutes a program or instrument for handling information that allows a person to automatically organize and analyse a large amount of data
      • does not respect legislation and regulations pertaining to that category of goods

      Members guarantee that they hold all ownership rights and/or authorizations necessary for the goods they offer for rent.

      Rentingglobal also has the right to monitor, edit and/or exclude partially or totally any content found in rental offers.

      Rentingglobal has no obligations of diligence with regards to the publication of content. The member guarantees that he possesses all the intellectual rights on the content of the offers, texts (Title, sub-title, and visual elements, and visual elements. The member also guarantees that he possesses the image reproduction rights, right to image and to personality of the items and persons represented on the visual elements while respecting the legislation regarding the privacy.

    9. Agreement Template – Standard Agreement
    10. In order to facilitate the rental procedure between an owner and a renter, Rentingglobal makes available to the owners and renters, a standard rental agreement according to the type of product that is being offered for rent. This contract or agreement, depending of the type of rental, includes information about how to deliver the security guarantee, the length of the rental, the price of the rental as well as all other necessary details for successfully accomplishing the rental agreement. This rental agreement template is made available by Rentingglobal, however Rentingglobal accepts no responsibility for the content of each rental agreement and the uses to which it may be put.

  12. Suspension or Cancellation of a Member Account
  13. Without excluding other courses of action, Rentingglobal reserves the right to suspend or exclude the account of a given member in the following instances :

    • Violation of a stipulation in the Terms of Use, or other Conditions or regulations on Rentingglobal (Privacy Policy and Pricing Policy)
    • Inability to verify or authenticate the origin of a rental offer
    • False personal information
    • Diffusion of illegal content (notably pornography, libel, copyrighted images, discriminatory content, incitement of violence and racial, religious or ethnic hatred)
    • Breaches in moral standards
    • Use, copying or diffusion of copyright protected works without express authorization
    • Abusive or fraudulent use of collaboration tools (spam of comments, spam of clicks etc)

  14. Modification
  15. Rentingglobal reserves the right, without any limits or restrictions and at its sole discretion, to modify in whole or in part and at any time, the Terms of Use and of sales on the website. All changes will be effective starting from when they are published on the website. Use of the website once these changes have been put in place implies a recognition and acceptance of the Terms of Use and of sales as modified. Rentingglobal reserves the right to modify, interrupt, or end at any time any service, without being responsible for the consequences resulting from these modifications, interruptions or stoppages in services.

  16. Intellectual Property
  17. Rentingglobal cannot be informed of all the content on all the rental offers or comments published on the site. However, Rentingglobal pledges to remove as quickly as possible any copyright protected materials once they are made aware of them. All the graphics, design, presentations, logos proper to Rentingglobal are the property of Rentingglobal. Any reproduction without Rentingglobal’s express written consent is forbidden.

  18. Computer Data and Freedom
  19. Please refer to RentingGlobal PrivacyPolicy (link to the privacy policy).

  20. Use of Personal Information
  21. Rentingglobal pledges to not sell or rent your personal information to a third party. However, the user accepts that Rentingglobal use this information in order to prove usage of all Rentingglobal services by the User, and in certain cases to obtain revenues from website.

  22. Compensation
  23. The user or member accepts to defend and remunerate Rentingglobal (including reasonable lawyer fees), owners, and representatives against any demands or reclamations made by a third party, caused by or resulting from a violation or any other act for which the user or member is responsible, that arose from them not upholding the instructions, guarantees and/or obligations contained in the current Terms of Use, or having violated any law or any right of this third party. This includes but is not limited to complaints and claims with regards: infringement or violation of intellectual property rights, libel, calumny or other defamation, privacy rights or “false representation”, publicity rights.

    Reningglobal has the right, at its sole discretion, to mount a defence with a lawyer of their choosing, against all reclamations, demands for justice or other affairs that have for object remunerations for the user or the member.

  24. Links Between Parties
  25. The current Terms of Use do not create any relationships of a subordinate, commission, general partnership, company partnership, employee/employer or franchise nature between Reningglobal and any user or member of the site.

  26. Juridical Competence
  27. The present Terms of Use are regulated and interpreted in conformity with law of the United Kingdom.

    All litigation with regards to the validity, interpretation, or execution of the present Terms of Use will be submitted to the commerce tribunal of the United Kingdom.

    In the case where one or many articles found in the Terms of Use or Pricing Policy on the website are found to be illegal, non-invocable or inapplicable by legal decision, the other articles in the present Terms of Use remain in effect.

  28. Additional Specifications
    • Rentingglobal contains links towards other websites and is not responsible for the confidentiality policies or practices on other websites. When a member or user of Rentingglobal clicks on a link that takes them to another site, the member or user is held responsible for reading the confidentiality policies of said website.
    • Rentingglobal is not responsible for interactions between members.
    • Members of the site can be individuals or professionals.
    • The titles of the different sections of these Terms of Use are purely indicative without necessarily defining their content.

  29. Totality
  30. The present Terms of Use represent the totality of the agreement concluded between Rentingglobal and its users and members.