Why you should use our site? 

The main function of our site is to post an ad to rent other people different items, vehicles, properties etc. It works both ways. A person can not only post an add to rent something to someone but can also post an add if they want to rent something from someone (for example, if you need a sports equipment, you can post an ad that you are looking for this particular item). In addition, our site offers such options as selling, buying, borrowing, lending and bartering. 

How is our website going to change your life?

We want to emphasise that Renting Global is not only operating in local market but also globally, since nowadays more and more businesses are becoming global. This means that ads can be seen all across the world. There are many benefits of using Renting Global site.

Sometimes there are items, for example, a fancy clothing that we only need to use once, once a month, season or year. Instead of buying the item and keeping it at home, you can rent it for the one or more times when it is necessary. 

Our site is in English which nowadays is becoming the world’s language of communication and is understandable for majority of people. Therefore, foreigners are able to rent in India without such obstacles as language barriers. 

How often have you gone on a trip and forgot something at home (for example, your GoPro camera)? You can just rent the camera, your trip will be successful and local people will earn some money out of it. So, it is beneficial for both sides. 

Local regulations is another problem that people may face. For instance, if you want to fly a drone in Thailand, it must be registered. This process, in some cases, can take a few months, so you can even not make it in time and the effort you have to put in just to take a drone with you might ruin your holiday. Renting it will solve this issue and you won’t have to register it or take it with you.