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Buy 2-Phenylacetamide CAS 103-81-1 Buy Online from Manufacturers
Location:Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Posted By (seller-product):Aulis(individual)

Contact information Aulis Email: Tel,whatsApp,wechat: +8619930501614 wickr me:lindazhao Product information Product Name: 2-Phenylacetamide CAS No.: 103-81-1 2-Phenylacetamide is white flakes or granules, 2-Phenylacetamide is used as cream, emulsifier in cosmetics, and also used as paddy field heat preservation agent, reservoir covering agent, defoamer, polishing agent, lubricant, etc. 2-Phenylacetamide can be used in the production of peregrine, resin and synthetic rubber, color-picking film couplers, etc. 2-Phenylacetamide is often used in the manufacture of surfactants, and can also be used in the preparation of drugs and cosmetics Other products cis-13-Docosenoamide CAS 112-84-5 Oleamide CAS 301-02-0
Price: US $10
Brand: GuanLang
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