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CRUISES niCruises
Location:Essen, Germany
Posted By (seller-service):Yevgeniy Gavrilyuk(individual)

Description Hello!  I am a partner of the cruise company InCruises. I will tell you in my own words.  InCruises is a site FOR YOURSELF RESERVATION AND PURCHASE of cruises around the world, WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES, WITHOUT Travel Agencies and TRAVEL AGENTS.  Based on this, the price is much lower.  By registering on the site, you will open a database of 5000 routes around the world, you can buy any cruise on any liner at cost, or not pay for the cruise at all.  AS?  Two options are provided.  First: register in the status of a Tourist for $ 100, which go to your personal cruise wallet and double, this operation occurs monthly.  You see the account only in your personal account.  The second option.  InCruises offers to make money on their travels and travel for free.  AS?  You are registered in the status of a Partner for $ 295, of which $ 100 also goes to your cruise account and doubles, and for $ 195 you buy a franchise, a ready-made business, everything you need for work opens in your personal account - referral link, personal wallet, presentations, weekly  training and other tools for work.  HOW DO YOU TRAVEL FOR FREE?  Five people must register at your referral link with Tourists or Partners and you will receive the status of a FREE MEMBER of the company.  From now on, your cruise account will be replenished monthly with $ 200 cruise.  In simple words, for your guests you get $ 2,400 a year to buy any cruises.  To understand, this amount may be enough for 3-4 trips, a week duration on stunning liners on the system “all inclusive” + “children under 18 are free”.  The company also offers 10 types of rewards for your offers of cooperation to travel and earn and grow your business. Cruises are an opportunity to visit several countries, cities and islands for one cruise for little money.
Price: US $100
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