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[07/02, 11:51] Paul WokCity: πŸ–πŸ– CROWD1 SUMMARIZEDπŸ–πŸ– All explanation will be done in a simple lay man language so you could understand how it actually works 1. WHAT IS CROWD1 Crowd1 is a digital networking and marketing company who offer owner's right (shares) that will enable them share part of the company's profit from other online gaming companies she partner with to all members. You join crowd1 by purchasing an education pack from one of crowd1 partner The packages range from N41, 000, N124,000, N332,000, and N1,038,000 When you buy any of these educational pack, what's next? πŸ‘‰ You have access to some specific video and pdf materials that educate you about Real Estate business. Note: the higher the package, the more video and pdf resources you will be able to access, watch, read and download on πŸ‘‰ Secondly, you will be given some owner right from gaming companies which crowd1 Partners Miggster and Affilgo. The higher the subscription package the more your owner's right, the more you earn when it comes to profit sharing. πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† the above is well understood right? 2. HOW DO I MAKE MONEY You make money in the following way; ✍ Streamline bonus This is a bonus you earn every week depending on the numbers of people who joined Crowd1 after you all over the world and also the depends on the package you got and later on the numbers of people you personally sponsored. But even if you don't sponsor anyone, you'll will still get the basis one weekly. ✍ Binary bonus This is the bonus you earn from people who comes under your network either directly thru you or indirectly. It varies in package and points are awarded. Below is what you will earn when some from the network comes under you will any of these packages. Waooo πŸ‘A. White Package... 90 points, You'll earn 9 Euro. πŸ‘B. Black Package... 270 Points , You'll earn 27 Euro. πŸ‘C. Gold Package... 820 Points, You'll earn 82 Euros πŸ‘D. Titanium Package... 2250 Points , You'll earn 225 Euro. However the Binary Bonus isn't paid that way, There must be a balance on the right and left and this is amazing. You can do ratio 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3. READ TO UNDERSTAND THIS PART. IT IS VERY SIMPLE Take for instance if you have 90 point in the right , with 90 point on the left you'll have 18 Euro paid to you. Or if you have 180 on the left and the you have 90 on the right, you'll have 27 Euro paid to you. Or if you have 270 on the left , and you have 90 on the right, you'll have 36 Euro paid to you. πŸ‘ŒKindly note that 20 percent of your binary bonus goes into your owner rights and 80 percent is paid to you.πŸ‘Œ WHEN YOU REGISTER you will enjoy what you see on your back office. ✍ Matching Bonus This gives you the opportunity to earn 10% from your downlines up to level 5. That mean, you can earn from downline downline downline downline downline registrations. This depend on the package and the number of pple your brought in. ✍ Affiliate Residual bonus This is bonus paid into your crowd1 account from crowd1 partnering with online gaming and mobile companies. ✍ Fear of Loss bonus This is the bonus you earn if you sponsor 4 people within the two weeks you register. The bonus differs in the packages these 4 people bought. Γ€. White Package ... 125 Euro B. Black Package .... 375 Euro C. Gold Package ...... 1000 Euro. D. Titanium Package.... 3000 Euro. ✍ Owners right Bonus. This is like a compare share given to your which will earn you some dividends every 3month from the company's profit. Your owner rights will determine your dividend. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ FROM THE ABOVE BONUS, YOU HAVE A LOT TO GAIN.😁😁😁 The truth of it is, you refer or not you will earn. But referring speed up your earning and expand your bonuses. Is like working for Crowd1 and you are being awesomely paid for .
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