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The best powerful spiritual man of herbalist and native doctor
Posted By (seller-product):Ajisefinni Iwalewa(business)

Hello to everyone at home.....+2348149665493......You may also chat up on Whatsapp by his Children's.... My name is (ISABEL CLEMENT),from AJASE COTONOU,I met one man called Him self AJIPAWO HOME OF TRADITIONAL WORK at ILE IFE SIDE,I decided to go and meet him for solutions to my life issues,but it's not what I think I met there,The man collected my money an am so Unhappy,I don't know anyone over there bcos I don't know where to go again for help,they even introduce me to another person over there,but it's the same things,just because of VISA APPROVAL,it's one lady like me just told me to move forward with my journey bcos I can't see solutions for what am finding in this town,I ask the lady that where should I go bcos my journey was so far from where am coming from,She told me of a man at IJEBU SIDE called (CHIEF AJISEFINNI IWALEWA),I suffered a lot to get the man at IJEBU IGBO side,but at the end of my journey to him,my problem was fully solved....... That's is why I wish everyone that is in my shoes to be happy as am happy now,bcos I am at GERMANY right now living HAPPINESS LIFE with the favor that GOD did for me and this great man.... KNOWN WHOM YOU WILL SHARE YOU PROBLEM WITH,bcos there are so many Enemies acting as a REAL and BEST friend at your presence,if you see for their ADVISE,they will gave you wrong and using you to laugh at last...... Be wise and open your eyes,bcos now a days if you did not want to fall into ENEMIES VICTIMS,you will need to BELIEVE in your SELF and let's your FAITH be strong more than AGED ROCK,You might be FRAUD or SCAM by those FAKE and 419 calling there self HERBALIST and NATIVE DOCTOR..... So all this am saying is that there is one man that more than 200 people's that GOD sent to help with ROOTS and HERBS,not HUMAN BEING SACRIFICE..... You can come to him any time any day for any kind of SPIRITUAL GROWTH....... Come to the great man with OPEN HEART, BELIEVE and FAITH..... He as done great and make me too happy,that is why am LOYAL to let's people's to BENEFITS and thanks GOD from him...... Call the man on this PRIVATE NUMBER:+2348149665493..... Location is not a BARRIER,but I pray that Where your success is your HEAD and your LEGS will lead you there and YOU WILL NEVER STRESS or SUFFER BEFORE YOU MET YOUR HELPERS(AMEN).....
Price: €1000 ( Ijb )
Condition: Very Good
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