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magic mushrooms help with depression,anxiety,heart issues,brian development,tripping,micro-dosing,extrem imaginations
Location:Denver, CO, USA
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Microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms could offer a lot of potential support in the way of alleviating depression, anxiety, and helping with brain repair and cell growth, based on recent research and studies. With a micro dose of mushrooms, you can still operate all of your basic functions of daily life. The effects can be so subtle that you may not even notice that it’s there. This “sub-perceptual” dose is just enough to experience the myriad benefits mushrooms have to offer, but not enough to have a “psychedelic” experience. Athletes, sufferers of cluster headaches, and individuals suffering with anxiety or depression are among some of the types of people who may deduce benefit from microdosing. Dr. James Fadiman, in his book The Psychedelic Explorers Guide conducted research on a range of people using microdoses of LSD and pscilocybin mushrooms. In a recent interview with Tim Ferris, Fadiman is quoted as saying that microdosing is an “all-chakra enhancer, where everything’s just a little bit better… People behave better, are happier, are more tolerant; not necessarily more creative, but more in the flow,” he told Ferris. mushrooms have often been touted as having no medicinal value. As a Schedule 1 drug, it’s often assumed or imagined to be nothing more than your average hallucinogenic party drug. Recently however, researchers at New York University and John Hopkins conducted one of the largest set of trials for studying the therapeutic effects of psilocybin mushrooms on cancer patients. To the astonishment and surprise of many, 80% of cancer patients showed major reductions in psychological stress, anxiety, and depression for up to seven months or longer after only one magic mushroom experience. In addition to the remarkable healing benefits, no other significant side effects were documented. Meaning, there was no observable downside.
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