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Location:Bali, Indonesia
Posted By (borrower):Papa Eddi(individual)

Bali province, well known Bali Island famous with tourism industry, millions of people around the Globe coming every year, not only from within Indonesia, but also worldwide tourist come to Bali for leisure, business, event stay (temporary or permanent retirement) Which created a huge business markets such as, hotels, villa, restaurant, water sport, travel, airlines, property and many others business growth along with TOURISM growth Along with that advantage, I’m thinking getting a business share, by supporting the industry, as below: 1. Jukung fiber rentals, for leisure sightseeing, daily fishing tours, transport and daily charter 2. Fishing, with semi modern equipment, by regular fishing and nets 3. Fish distribution (along with the business plan running) 4. Fish and agriculture shops (future plan) 5. Tours company which focus in Marine leisure activity, and Marine Fishing adventure (future plan) 6. Accommodation business (future plan) (Find more about Bali on ) You see the background, what I planned, now we move forward to some question you may ask; 1. Why west Bali ? Be the pioneer…..cause most business owner, investor, bankers, etc., mainly focus on the core business area which located in other area in Bali, like Badung district, Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Ubud, others, which in my opinion of business; i. NEED Huge/big capital to startup, to start a restaurants, villas, can you start it with USD 100K or USD 200K enough? Or event build a Hotels?? We talking about millions of USD capitals, along with operational, marketing, maintenance, and others cost with long miles stone to BEP, or bankrupt during process ii. MORE and more competitor, every day, every weeks, every months more company established and doing the same business iii. BUSINESS already growth bigger than market, see how many hotels/villa property already build, restaurants, travel, and others business company iv. MARKET already reach the level RED OCEAN, price struggling, services competition, supply bigger the demand, its harder and harder for business owner to roll the dice everyday 2. Why am I proposing this? I already here, my wife from West Bali, I stayed here for over 11 years, I seen, I overview for the last 10 years, West Bali were quit and slow, cause investor, business owners has less interested to this area, since most of them fascinated by the glow of other area, that’s why since 6 years ago (2013), I established a fishing community organization called “JIGGERHOLICK” a fishing community which based in Jembrana district, network all over Bali and Indonesia, we have applause positive respond from the local government, villagers, fisherman community and anglers community and surely from the local village, some of us already started to operate some unit with the local fisherman to catch fish including myself, and on 2016 we officially registered and licensed by the Ministry of Justice Republic Indonesia, and we have done many thing, social activity for the poor, orphans, events, oceans go green activity, and some others activity we already did…. honestly I’m considering west Bali as a hidden jewel, never been touched, need to explore all the prospecting possibility, and it’s a business in the other side, its helping the poor fisherman What I’m trying to tell here is, it’s not a just a mind blow, I’m here and I’m ready. : a. I have the local/national community network, have more or less the knowledge in the business area, and its time for me to get up and start the business in a serious way, especially on fishing and fish distribution b. I got the professional fisherman network in West Bali, with experience about fishing for many years, So once the fleet ready, operation will start easily and faster c. Lower cost of investment if compare to property investment, faster return on BEP Loan amount is USD 42,500.- Interest 1.5% permonth/FLAT Duration 4 years
Price: US $42500 / month
Brand: Jiggerholick Fishing Company
Condition: New
Payment Methods
cash, credit card, bank transfer
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