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Silicone gel scar dressing Whatsapp:+852 65731354 Telegram:+852 46079074
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When beautiful skin Accidentally meeting "scars" is also accompanied by lingering scar troubles Understand the principles of scar repair 1. Formative period: Skin tissue is severely damaged, and after self-repair, fibrous tissue replaces the local trace left by repair 2. Processing period: The silicone gel film can reduce the outward tension of the wound, retain skin moisture, prevent the synthesis of fiber cells, and reduce the precipitation of collagen 3. Improvement period: Scar becomes soft and mature, softens and flattens, fades the damaged imprinting, and the color of scar tissue becomes lighter Packaging and transportation Provide sea, air, rail, land transportation solutions The packing is safe and firm, convenient for loading and unloading Fast delivery, on time delivery Welcome to send your inquires to us ,we will quote you very competitive price with high quality . Integrity, friendliness, mutual assistance Whatsapp:+852 65731354 Telegram:+852 46079074 Snapchat: Iris248480
Price: US $21 ( g )
Brand: typu group
Condition: New
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